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Window tint being cut

Whether you want to tint the glass on your car to make it more eye-catching or you want to tint your windows to protect your carpet and upholstery from the UV rays that make them fade, Kansas Glass Inc can help you see your true colors.


   •   Auto glass

   •   Glass storefronts and commercial windows

   •   Residential windows

Look through our rose-tinted glasses

If you let a different company tint your glass, the bubbles they leave behind in the tinting may cause you to boil over. Let our professionals smooth things over, because Kansas Glass Inc is the clear choice for fast, quality service.


If you ever find a crack in your tinted windows, give us a call. We can repair and replace any glass surface that has a ding, and apply any advertisements that you want to your glass.

Join the dark side!

Get a FREE estimate from a locally owned glass company that's fully licensed and insured!


Protect your stuff and your skin from UV rays with tinted glass!